An Immersive wine inspired art Exhibition

For the first time, Côtes du Rhône Wines has partnered with London College of Communication (LCC) to create an exclusive public showcase of interactive art installations.
This free exhibition offers a fully immersive sensuous experience going beyond taste, in the heart of London.

LCC students were challenged to bring to life the unique aspects of the Côtes du Rhône values unpretentious, high quality and enjoyable wines for any occasion through an immersive and interactive format. The ten selected pieces on display offer visitors the opportunity to experience the region for themselves. The pieces can be seen, smelt, touched, heard and visitors will even be able to climb inside one of them.

Enjoy the interactive exhibition at The Rhône Touch whilst sipping a glass of some of the great Côtes du Rhône wines from the Pop Up bar, or enjoy some casual summer dining at the burger grill on the terrace.

Admission to the exhibition is free